Wouldn’t it be different if our political nominees were to bring the points of Contact into their campaigning? OMG! Trump and HILLARY would be a different story. But then again politics do not take into consideration trust, honesty or willingness to take responsibility for their actions.

How can we expect anyone to be in Contact if we cant be in Contact in our own life?  It’s easy to point the finger but it keeps pointing back at US. The search for the ultimate relationship isn’t sweet and fuzzy – it’s tough and time consuming.


Whenever I embrace a relationship, I go to the 7 Points of Contact.  IT WORKS as I have been doing this with my friends and especially my Contact Yoga partner, Tesh. It is through the CY work that we have created a trusting caring relationship with each other.  We are always honest and clear about what we share and our work on the mat.


Contact Yoga is a partner yoga which in its highest form is UNION.  Making a map for people who want to be in relationship. I am constantly surprised at how people do not want to work on relationship. They like to talk about it, complain about others, but not really take responsibility for how they show up with another or their impact on one another. Let me make this easy…   Do you trust the person you want to be in relationship with?  If I don’t trust someone, I do not want to be in a relationship with them.


How fast it seems the world is changing, and how to keep pace.  I feel there is a need to slow down and examine our habitual entrenched beliefs: who I am as a man, family, nation, civilization, humanity…  When I’m stripped of all my protective coverings, I become quiet and still enough for me to hear and respond to truth.  The tough inner work purges on and on.  I spend time thinking on topics of love after hate, life after death, clarity, and freedom after confusion and bondage.  I’m humbled to feel that after a life of practicing and sharing yoga, there are the raw beginnings of a new learning curve of an infant yogi in the yoga of relationship. As I look at the unfolding world dynamics of relating to each other, I see so much need in my own life.  There is so much heartache and violence in the name of love that I am inspired to press on.  I am encouraged by the masters, and that small voice inside me saying “yes you can – together”.  Only in relationship with each other do we grow.


Last night was a special night for me in Los Angeles watching the Democratic National Convention with dear long time friends and family from Kripalu. We’ve shared many journeys together over the last thirty-five years, and being together ever reminded of the preciousness of long time friends.  Every meeting is like a pivotal cosmic event and feeling, and is just like what was brought home by Hilary Clinton.  No one is an island, and in every act of love and kindness all is transformed, I loved her line, “LOVE TRUMPS HATE.  We’re stronger together”.

Many years ago I was blessed to have given Mrs. Clinton, First Lady at the time, a private Contact Yoga session in The White House.  To say the least, it was an amazing experience.

What struck me while watching the whole convention presentation is that each and every speaker was lit with purpose and the light of hope: the sharing of Hilary’s life journey leading to this moment, my journey, our collective journey, a pivotal time in history, ‘to get it right’, to be the change.  Now that the ceiling has cracked and shattered, and the sky’s the limit!

Watching, listening, and sharing with my friends the hope of a new and better world unfolding drew me into that place inside where Contact Yoga was sourced.  A place where borders, boundaries, fears, illusions of separateness, wars, and man dominating man are a part of our past, and has no place in our common enlightened future.