“Even if you are not a yoga practitioner, the beautifully illustrated postures of Contact Yoga are iconic and talismanic: they will speak to your unconscious and evoke within you the intimate and ecstatic nature of union between two souls that is true communion, and therefore divine. The Seven Points of Contact offer simple, practical guideposts on the path to achieving true relationship. Even off the mat, these essential qualities will serve to inform and enhance your daily life.”

-Deepak Chopra

“The ancient practice of yoga is defined as the union of mind, body, and spirit. What you will experience in Contact Yoga is the power of union that emerges from stepping outside of your own experience and connecting deeply with your yoga partner as you expand and transform together. When you combine the sensuality of touch with the transcendent energy available through yoga practice with your partner, you achieve ultimate communion. You literally support them as they expand their awareness through the union of mind, body, and spirit.”

   – Tony Robbins

“This is the best partner yoga book that I have found. I have taught yoga for many years including “date night” yoga so I’m frequently looking for new books to get fresh ideas for class. CONTACT is beautifully photographed and written for the yoga mat or the coffee table.”

– James McMaster , San Francisco: Amazon review

“Contact yoga is a playful and revealing way to explore not only our bodies, but also our relationship with one another and with ourselves. The nature of the practice teaches us how to communicate our needs and how to listen with compassion and love. By developing this trust we will often allow ourselves to fly–on the mat and in our worlds!”

– Seane Corn – yogini