Please watch this space for the announcement of upcoming Contact Yoga workshops.


After over ten years of experience, I know how Contact Yoga enhances and deepens the relationships of all who practice it.

The philosophy and practices of the Seven Points of Contact become essential tools and guides to navigate the gifts and challenges we face each day.

But why should adults have all the fun? Shouldn’t our children be able to experience the same joys, benefits and fulfillment as their parents?

Contact for Kids takes the basic tenets of Contact Yoga and adapts them for use by families. The focus of Contact for Kids is more on creative play, interactively and most of all, effective and productive communication between children and their friends as well as their parents, at school and at home. Kids love the physicality of Contact; parents love that this is “quality time” with their kids that can actually transform their emotional and physical behavior.

As we all know, kids speak a different language than adults so I’ve adapted the Seven Points of Contact in a way that addresses issues that are important to kids and uses words that they can easily understand. Combined with Contact poses, these words form the basis for a new level of communication between parent and child. As you practice Contact builds Trust, Communication, Passion, Commitment, Love, Communication, Vision and Union. Contact Yoga can transform your life!

Please watch this space for the announcement of upcoming Contact For Kids workshops.