Q: “What role does yoga play in your life?.”

For me, yoga is not just a discipline; it’s a way of life. Yoga consciousness is reflected in everything I do every day, eating, sleeping, working, playing, even loving.

Yoga helps me reduce stress, develop a calm, quiet mind, a toned, vibrant body, increases my physical, mental and spiritual energy, improves my work performance and deepens my relationships. Yoga is the foundation, the base of operations, if you will, of my daily routine.

Q: Are you saying that yoga is more than what you do in a class or at home a few times a week?”

Exactly. I practice yoga as a holistic way of life, a full developed lifestyle, not a discipline or fitness regime. This approach helps me easily and naturally fit yoga into my own busy life, and increases my capacity to address life?s challenges and pleasures. I share yoga with so many of my busy friends because I want them to experience the great benefits of this gift.

You can do yoga every moment you are conscious. For example, appreciation and control of our breath is one of the most simple and beneficial yoga acts we can perform and you can do it anywhere, anytime.

Q: What is Contact Yoga?

For me, Contact Yoga is about flow, balance, support, trust, connecting, surrender, union and the exchange of energy – all the things we experience in an successful relationship. And like most successful relationships, the combination of two energies creates something than is more than the sum of the parts. The qualities are represented by the Seven Points of Contact.

Contact Yoga is an enhancement, not a replacement of my traditional yoga practice. Because it is done with a partner, the reflection of your postures and your interaction with your partner deepens your understanding of your own practice. It is a dynamic form of yoga, because each partner plays a part in shaping the evolving postures which is exciting an inspiring. When I do Contact Yoga, I feel I am at the frontier of my yoga experience, exploring movements, feelings and energies I could not access alone.

Q: Can anyone do Contact Yoga?

You could ask: “Could anyone run a marathon?” The answer is yes, but like marathon running, there are some pre-conditions. Contact Yoga can be done by anyone who is in good physical shape and is flexible (this is very important), and who has some basic knowledge and experience with yoga. Because of the physical dynamics of the practice, it is important not to over-extend your own boundaries. You should not try anything too ambitious right away.

Q: What do you get from Contact Yoga?

For me, the postures of Contact Yoga are the doorway to my inner self, to opening up the energy flow (called kundalini in yoga practice) through my body?s seven energy points (called chakras). The Contact Yoga Points and postures and the combined support and energy of your partner increases and deepens the flow of life energy in what is often,for me, very profound and spiritual.

I find Contact Yoga extremely revitalizing, At the same time, I get an deep feeling of inner calm, peace and awareness- and it?s fun! Because this practice i done between two people, there is an incredible sense of union, of connectedness, of having achieved something together that you could not have achieved alone. As I said at the beginning, Contact Yoga rewards us with all the gifts of an enlightened relationship.

Q: If I take a Contact Yoga Workshop, do I have to bring a partner?

It’s not required but recommended. If you have partner, friend or lover who also practices yoga, your relationship will certainly be enhanced by the experience. If you do not have a partner, we can pair you up with another single person at the workshop.

Q: What about same sex partners?

Contact can be practiced with same sex partners. It shifts the energy but can be a very rewarding and fulfilling experience.

Q: How “intimate” does a Contact Yoga Workshop get?

First let me say that Contact is not Tantra and we do not practice Tantra in our workshops. Contact is a sensual, not a sexual practice. It does address and provoke the kundalini energy generated at the base of the spine which spirals upwards. Therefore, the Contact experience can be thrilling, fun, ecstatic, sensual, cathartic and certainly transformational.